Welcome to Appletree Gardens First School

Key Information About Year 2


Year 2 Staff


  Mrs Wilkinson (5)    Ms Johnson (5)

  Miss Traill (6)    Miss Lenton (TA)

  Miss Darling  (TA)


Class 5 have P.E. every Wednesday (indoor) and Tuesday (outdoor)

Class 6 have P.E. every Wednesday (indoor) and Thursday(outdoor)

Please ensure your child has their full P.E. kit in school all week.

Reading Scheme and Book Bag Information

Each child should have a book bag which they bring with them into school each day.  Children will be heard to read regularly, once by their class teacher in a guided session and once by one of our parent volunteers.

Sets Information

Year 2 have mixed ability sets for our literacy and ability sets for  numeracy which enable us to provide rich, tailored learning experiences that fully support and challenge all pupils. Your child may have a different teacher for these subjects.


Year 2 have a range of exciting half termly topics including: Local and International Study, Roald Dahl, Inventions and Pirates. 


Pupils are encouraged to drink plenty of water throughout the day and may bring a named water bottle to bring into school to keep in their classroom.

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